public speaker

Lili Wexu

Making the world a better place, one speech at a time.
«Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world» -Howard Zinn

I believe that as a species, we have all the resources we need to make our personal and collective world a better place. I believe our words, thoughts, and actions matter. They are powerful, and affect us all deeply. I believe we have come to this world to learn to harness their power. My goal is to play my part in discovering how to harness the power of words, thoughts and actions. I also believe each and everyone of us has unique gifts. I believe we have a responsibility to nuture those gifts, to develop them and to use them for our personal benefit, and for the benefit of our species. Why else should we be granted these gifts? And since our individualities are inherintly tied to the collective by our social intelligence, I like the idea of connecting to each other through our gifts. Above all else, I believe that our pain and our suffering are our most important allies. They are portals for growth and change, that pave the way to personal and unified emancipation. We must therefore pay close attention to the source of our pain, so we may learn its message. Because of all my beliefs, I am a dedicated student of life, and I feel a responsibility to share my insights. What is your contribution? Let's all use our gifts to emancipate ourselves and the world. - Lili Wexu

  • Vulnerability

    Every story starts from personal experience. That's what our audience relates to. Our feelings are universal and can touch every heart.

  • heart

    Our heart shines a light on what moves us and matters to us, on a deeper level. The heart is a great place to start from, in any endeavor.

  • Curiosity

    At the beginning of any great quest, is a question. Curiosity is at the helm of progress. Imagine if no one ever wondered about the oceans and the stars?

  • Action

    We get out of life what we put into it. Getting out of our comfort zones is key to our growth and fulfillment. Our actions determine the outcome.